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Testimonials - USA Drug Rehab Success Stories

Dear Fraser, I just wanted to notify you that my brother Wade made it to the center in northern California a week ago today and he has just finished the “black out” period where he couldn’t contact anyone. The reason I’m writing is to thank you for your diligence when dealing with Wade. When he called here today he broke down and thanked us for helping him to get help and he had me go to his house and remove a hand gun that he had planned to use on himself the day before he left. In fact it was just after you called and insisted on talking to him one more time that he decided to give his life one more try. So Mr. Cooke I will never have the words to thank you for what you’ve done to help my brother and the grief you saved our family. We all have hope for the first time in twenty years. God Bless.
C.S. (Relieved Sister)

Hello Fraser, This is M. J. You had talked to my parents some months ago. They informed me of all the work you did to teach my parents how do administer some control on me. They explained to me that you basically taught them how to stop enabling me. You wouldn’t believe the change in my home life–my parents both took your advice and started attending al-a-non and they are like totally changed. They actually have boundaries and they don’t let me walk on them. I’m proud of the change they have made so my life isn’t the same as it was before my treatment. It’s clear to me that I owe you so much more than a thank you but it’s a start so Thank you!
M.J. (EX- Crystal Meth Addict)

THANK YOU!!!! We are so pleased he is safe and out of harms way! Michael did a very good job talking to Daryl and getting him to see this was his only option! This is the first time we have been able to sleep through the night and answer the phone with out worrying it would be something bad about Daryl! We appreciate your time and energy to educate us and point us in the right direction!! We hope you had a very nice Thanksgiving! We are Thankful for all you and your associates have done for us!! Fondly, Bob & Kathy W.
Bob and Kathy W. (Relieved Parents)

Dear USADrugRehab, I want to personally thank you for your helping my family to find a quality rehab center for me. It’s been six months now since I finished my treatment and my life couldn’t be going better if I’d had a year to plan it. My relationship with my family is unlike anything I’ve ever known, “it’s like I’m living someone else’s life” some one who loves and respects their family and gets the same in return. I know it was me and the facility here in Michigan responsible for the change, but without you guys none of it would be possible so for that I can’t thank you enough.
S.A. (Crack Addiction Ended 2005)

Hey Guys, I just wanted to drop you guys a line, as I’ve paid my respects to everyone in my life who helped me when I needed it and the more I think of it you guys need praise as well because USADrugRehab was the catalyst for my recovery. Since completing the rehab program in Pennsylvania I’ve been able to return to my home in Maryland and I’ve got my boys, Brady and Justin. back in my life. So here’s a special thank you. Your organization really went above and beyond the call of duty to locate a state funded treatment facility that worked. You guys are Awesome; never stop doing what you are doing.
E.C. (Opiate Addiction Ended 2004)

USADrugRehab, I don’t know if you even know who I am. My name is G. D. You spoke with my parents about 8 months ago and you as I understand it spent several days screening rehabilitation facilities so my parents could present them to me. Truthfully at the time I thought I could just keep refusing them and eventually mom and dad would back off but they didn’t and I now understand that’s because you guys wouldn’t back off and wouldn’t let my parents accept no for an answer from me. When you guys finally presented my parents with the “Bio- Physical” treatment center all the way out in California I knew in my heart that it was going to work for me and what a program it was. I’ve never had the quality of life I’m experiencing today. I’ve managed to make my life out here in California and put my marketing degree to work for me. I’m with a very competitive marketing firm and I have a bright future. Thanks for being so committed to me, a stranger, “you saved my life, no, even better, you gave me one that I never had”.
G.D. (Crystal Meth Addiction Ended 2005)

Dear Fraser, I wanted formally to thank you for your call that day last September. I was about ready to end my life when you called. My babies had been taken by my ex-husband because I was such a wreck. That question you asked still gets me thinking “Do you want your life back?” At the time all I could say was “Yes” but now I think of that question and the answer is, “No way! I want so much more than to be a confused young woman who is impressionable and easily steered from her path. I want to be a role model for my kids and God willing, my grand children. I want my life’s experiences to have a positive effect on society.” That’s why I’ve enrolled in College here in Georgia to become a Certified Chemical Dependency Counselor. Thank you and God bless you!
W. E. (Cocaine Addiction Ended 2004)



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